Dear APSA Member:

Since 1932, the Automotive Parts & Services Association fought to continue bringing quality products and services to our members, including legislative lobbying on behalf of the automotive industry and small business, and awarding scholarships to deserving students entering the automotive field.

Over the last several years, many things happened that worked against our efforts, including a major loss in the stock market crash of 2008 and, due to changing times, loss of our Federated Insurance Company group association health insurance program and our Dodson Insurance Group worker’s compensation program.  Now APSA faces the toughest challenge of all… we have closed our doors in May of 2017.

Contact information for the supplies & services you have gotten from the Automotive Parts & Services Association is as follows:

For Business Forms (invoices, statements, envelopes, printer ribbons, etc.), the Automotive Aftermarket Association Southeast (AAAS) uses the same supplier that we did and will be processing your orders.  (Our forms supplier prefers not to sell directly to customers.)  Send your orders to: or call (800) 239-7779 and ask for Sharon.

AAAS also uses our same supplier for custom printed Plastic Bags, so you can place those orders with them, too.  (See above.)

And the same goes for Promotional Calendars.  AAAS uses our same supplier.  (See above to order.)

Unprinted (stock) Plastic Bags can be ordered directly from PolyDesigns.  Call Ron Morris at 847-433-9920 or email

I purchased Core, Valuable Core & Defect Labels in bulk and mailed them out myself to keep the price down for members.  AAAS does not do this, but you CAN order these same labels as needed; the price will just be higher.  Order them from Sharon at AAAS.

AAAS also supplies Vacation Calendars.  Order from Sharon.

The customer service number for TSYS (credit card processing) is (800) 228-2443.  (Our rep’s name is Matt, call him directly at 402-574-7042.)  The customer service number for WorldPay (credit card processing) is (800) 200-5965.  (Our rep’s name is Jessie, call him directly at 512-906-9006.)  If you need another option for credit card processing, AAAS has one, just ask Sharon.

Floor mats, seat covers, key tags, static cling stickers can be ordered from Petosky Plastics.  Call Adam Ward 231-881-0708 or email

Checks, deposit tickets, self sealing envelopes, mailing labels, repair tags & wires, self inking stamps, claim checks, price labels (and more) can be ordered through Melanie Norman!  (I am going to continue this service.)  My cell number is 512-293-0727 or email  (that’s an underscore between Melanie and Norman)

For your financial products and services, including retirement, investments, debt consolidation & life insurance, contact Christian Cramer of WealthWave at or call (512) 375-6216.

All insurance – health, life, workers comp, business, auto, etc. – will be handled by L&N Insurance Group.  Jim Quinten is still your agent for all property & casualty insurance (cellphone #512-743-5241), Brian Nelson will be your agent for life & health.  You can also talk to Janie.  Call 800-375-2968.

The APSA “800” phone number (800-375-2968) has been transferred to L & N Insurance Group as they are going to be able to help you with all your insurance needs and possibly assist if you need any of the above information.

It has been an honor knowing all of you and we will truly miss you.  The great members of APSA are what kept me working for this association for 22 years!  I consider you all friends, but I must say that the people who have served our Board of Directors (and the industry) over the years are some of the finest people I will ever know.

My Sincere Thanks,

Melanie Norman, Vice President