Two hundred legislators have thousands of special interest groups in their ears, determining the way YOU do business. Support your association’s Political Action Committee (PAC) or Industrial & Government Relations (IGR) that supports YOUR industry! APSA’s Political Action Committee and Industrial & Government Relations funds are the financial support arm of our successful legislative efforts in each of our ten states. The PAC committee works tirelessly to make certain that all the money collected goes entirely toward the support of the livelihood of your business and the automotive industry’s survival in our ten states.

The PAC/IGR is your chance to support the Automotive Parts & Services Association and our Legislative presence at the Capitol by putting your money where your mouth is. The success of APSA’s lobbying services is limited by the value you in the automotive aftermarket industry put into having not only a powerful, but a strong voice in the halls of government. By financially contributing to your PAC or IGR, you are providing your association with the tools needed to: position our industry as a serious player in Washington’s game of politics; help elect candidates who are dedicated to free and competitive trade; and to convince Congress to support a pro-automotive aftermarket legislative agenda.

Your financial support can sometimes speak louder than words, so please contribute to your APSA PAC or IGR today!

Download the PAC Donation form (PDF) here, or find your state below and donate via Paypal now: 

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Apply to join APSA today, or call 1-800-375-2968 to inquire about membership.


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